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GP3  Series-driver Pål Varhaug is aiming to be Norway’s first Formula 1-driver. This huge talent was crowned “Talent of the year” by the Norwegian Autosport Federation in 2007 and became the youngest champion ever in the Italian Formula Renault 2,0 Championship in 2008. In 2009 he was one of the top runners in Formula Master and in 2010 he won the first ever GP3 race in Barcelona, and he finished the season in style be setting the fastest lap at Monza. In 2011 he was driving GP2 as the youngest driver in the series. Name: Pål Varhaug Lives: Ålgård, Norway Born: 26th january 1991, Stavanger Norge Favorite track: Spa (B) Favorite driver: Kimi Räikkönen Favorite food: Taco Hobbies: Karting/Racing, Snowboard, Playstation, Computer Team: Virtuosi UK Manager: Pål Varhaug Website: palvarhaug.com


1996 Karting debut 2001 Team Champion in Micro and 9th place in Gigacup 2002 Team Champion in Micro and 12th place in Gigacup 2003 Team Champion in Mini 9th in Gigacup 3rd in Danish Championship race, Copenhagen 2004 Team Champion Mini and ICAJ 5th place in Gigacup, Mini 2nd in Sörvestcup, Mini 2nd in Copenhagen Kart Festival, Mini 3rd in Gigacup, international race, ICAJ 2005 Factorydriver for PCR SRL Karting Italy 1st Lotta Hellberg Award in Denmark 2006 Norwegian Karting Champion 2007 Swiss Formula Renault 2.0 runner up 2008 Italian Formula Renault 2.0 champion 2009 Formula Master. Fifth in total, and second best rookie 2010 GP3 for Jenzer Motorsport. One victory 2011: GP2 for DAMS 2012: Auto GP World Series for Virtuosi UK, P2 in Series 2013: GP2 for Hilmer 2014: Gp3 Series for Jenzer Motorsport