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Victory in Hungaroring!

11.05.2012 The weekend in Hungaroring has been very exciting. In race 1, on Saturday, I started in P3. After the two first corners I was up on a P2, behind Sirotkin. In the end of the first lap I got in front of Sirotkin and was leading the race. I closed the gap into the last corner, so Sirotkin couldn’t get room to pass. This seemed to be too frustrating for Sirotkin, as he lost his head into the last corner, and went inside on the pit lane entrance and jumped into me and crashed me out of the track. Still I managed to get into the track and finish my race. My car got pretty damaged by this collision. My front wheels was crooked. My steering wheel was turning to the right over the straights, and I had under steering into all right corners, and the car was quite unstable into all left corners. Even though, Sirotkin damaged my car pretty bad, I am pretty happy with the results, as I dropped down to P9, and advanced to P5 in the end of the race with a broken car. A P5 in this high level of racing is very good, so a P5 with a broken car is a result I am pretty happy with. Race 2 was the most exciting one. I was starting on P4 on the start grid. My front soft tires was burned out and broken after the first race, as a result of a damaged car. This gave me a disadvantage. So I started the race with medium tires in front and soft tires in the rear. I got a good start, and was soon into P2, behind Cipriani with Quaife-Hobbs in P3 behind me. This went on till lap 7, where I managed to overtake Cipriani and advance into P1. Then it was a matter between me and Adrian Quaife-Hobbs. All the race I had him in the mirrors, not always close, but always in sight. Both me and Quaife-Hobbs went for a quite late pitstop. I strategically went later to have more laps on the soft tires. I got a perfect pitstop, which gave me an even better gap from Quaife-Hobbs, but I had to go very slow through the first corner with my cold and slippery tires, so Quaife-Hobbs closed up. It was intense driving the rest of the few laps in the race. Sometimes I had to drive very defensive, but eventually I got a good gap, and became the winner in Race 2. My second win this season. Thank you to everybody who has helped me get to this point. Thanks to my team Virtuosi UK for doing a great job, you guys are the best. Thanks to my manager and father, Jardar Varhaug and my family, for helping me to get to this point in my career. Thanks to all my sponsors who has helped me get the opportunity to drive at this high level of racing. Thank you so much to all my fans and supporters, you have really given me an extra boost for this race. It was great to reach over 3000 likes right before the race on my facebook page, and it was great to personally meet a lot of fans in Hungary. This has been an awesome weekend! Just fantastic! J Race 2 on Hungarian(VIDEO): http://video.racing.hu/VideoItem.aspx?viID=1000546209 Highlights from the weekend(VIDEO): http://autogp.org/en/video.php Article from team Virtuosi UK: http://www.virtuosiracing.com/news
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