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06.04.2011 After an outstanding double title in GP2 Asia Series, the French squad DAMS confirmed its leading position among the field of GP2 Main Series during the two day pre season test at Silverstone. Similarly to Asia Series pre season test at Abu Dhabi last February, Romain Grosjean posted an impressive best lap on the opening day at Silverstone. In the same way he pulled off his best rival beyond 6 tens ! Today Romain drove consistently on the front but he was quite disturbed by a red flag by the end of the day, so that his best lap was just P5. However, nothing seems to undermine the winning spirit of the whole team. Pal Varhaug also made a true improvement during the two day sessions. Starting cautiously on Tuesday, the Norwegian rookie sped up on Wednesday with an excellent P13 finish. Loïc David, General Manager: “We are very positive after two good work days. Silverstone is quite a different circuit compared to those we raced on this year. But we didn’t waste time in defining the right set up direction. Romain’s performance yesterday and today just comfort the idea that we are definitely fighting in front. We are also very pleased with Pal’s strong pace today. We will now have to keep on such a great form at the first race in May.” Romain Grosjean: Tuesday: P1 Wednesday: P5 “We had quite productive sessions and I am happy with that. Yesterday, with wet tyres and dry tyres, we could get some interesting data. I have a good feeling with the car and we could achieve our program today. Anyway, we showed strong performance and we will be ready for a good fighting season.” Pal Varhaug: Tuesday: P22 Wednesday: P13 “I started a bit slowly yesterday. Silverstone is a very fast and complex track and I had to cope with it. But it was much better today and I could move ahead with a good pace. I feel quite pleased with P13 although I guess a top 10 was possible. I feel more and more confident thanks to the team and I look forward to race in Istanbul.” Next pre season test session on April 19 and 20 at Barcelona. First GP2 Main Series races on May 7 and 8 at Istanbul Park.
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