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Ready for GP2 testing

22.11.2010 Pål Varhaug will test GP2 for the first time in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. The 19 year old Norwegian will test for the French team DAMS. -I’m looking forward to this test. I have never driven such a fast car before, Pål Varhaug says. GP2 is the second highest level in single seater racing, just under Formula 1, and one level up from GP3, where Pål drove this season. Pål won the first GP3 race of the season in Barcelona, and finished the season by setting the fastest laptime at Monza. Now he’s ready for a new challenge, with a very fast and physically demanding car. A lot of the guys in the test have more experience of cars like this than Pål Varhaug. -I will not focus on the results in this test, but just my own laptimes compared to my experience. I’m the youngest driver in the test, and the other drivers have a lot more experience in fast cars like this then me. But hopefully this test can help me to drive the GP2 Asia series this winter, Pål says. The DAMS-team finished third and seventh in the last GP2 race of the season on the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi with the drivers Romain Grosjean (former F1) and Jerome D’Ambrosio (Virgin’s test driver in F1). In the second to last race, also in Abu Dhabi, the DAMS-drivers finished sixth and fourteenth. Sergio Perez from Barwa and David Valsecchi from iSport won the two races. In last years GP2 Asia, Christian Vietoris and Edoardo Piscopo drove for the DAMS-team. In the races in Abu Dhabi they got these results; 6, 9, 1, 7, -, -, 14 and 16. The iSport-team had the best record in Abu Dhabi last season. The following drivers will test for DAMS this week: Day 1: Tuesday 23rd November Nathanaël Berthon (French, 21 years old) Ivan Samarin (Russian, 22 years old) Day 2: Wednesday 24th November Sam Bird (British, 23 years old) Pål Varhaug (Norwegian, 19 years old) Day 3: Saturday 25th November Nathanaël Berthon Romain Grosjean (French, 24 years old) Day 4: Sunday 28th November Jan Charouz (Czech, 23 years old) Pål Varhaug You can follow the test on www.gp2series.com and www.dams.fr
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