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16.08.2010 What should Pål Varhaug do next year? GP2, GP3 or something else? Pål’s fans on Facebook are already giving the Norwegian advice! Pål Varhaug asked the question about his future on his officical Facebook fan-page the other day, and a lot of people have answered.

Pål Varhaug What should I do next season? Another season in GP3? Try out GP2? Other ideas? Help me out here!

August 10 at 1:42pm · ·
  • Jardar Varhaug and 2 others like this.
    • Cato Osaland Gp2
      August 10 at 1:44pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Finn R. Hansvold GP2!!!!
      August 10 at 1:44pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Morten Grongstad Er muligheten der så gå for gp 2……….
      August 10 at 1:45pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Henrik Hermansen GP2 !!!
      August 10 at 1:47pm · · 1 personJardar Varhaug likes this. ·
    • Thomas Sæther F1 :D
      August 10 at 1:49pm · · 1 personJardar Varhaug likes this. ·
    • Mariusz Karolak Stay in GP3 and try some races in a really big car in Superleague Formula !!! And in 2012 in GP2. :)
      August 10 at 1:49pm · · 1 personJardar Varhaug likes this. ·
    • Mats Andersen GP3
      August 10 at 1:50pm · · 1 personJardar Varhaug likes this. ·
    • Mara Pérez first consolidated in GP3, then take a solid step in GP2. then, the F1!!! don’t forget: you’re so young! (and cute! :P )
      August 10 at 1:59pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Kjetil Tvetene Sæter Drive where you get a good team.
      August 10 at 2:18pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Pål Varhaug It’s not easy. Maybe a second year in GP3 will be good, and maybe I can win the championship. Then again, GP2 is closer to F1… But it’s also about funding and the size of my budget.
      August 10 at 2:33pm · · 2 peopleLoading… ·
    • Pål Varhaug Thank you for your comments. More please!
      August 10 at 2:33pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Daniel Lund Jensen GP3
      August 10 at 2:42pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Inger Ausdal GP2, sånn at du kan visa de ;)
      August 10 at 2:48pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Cato Hjellestad Får du til finansieringen og et bra sete i GP2, så er det ingen tvil. Da er det dit du skal. Så deg i Ungarn, og marginene var ikke helt på din side :-) Stå på.
      August 10 at 3:53pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Gaute Hagen Ta en sesong til i GP3, tar du med deg mer rutine og erfaring til å slå hardere til i GP2 når den tid kommer :)
      August 10 at 4:15pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Knut Limbodal Ta et år til i GP3, befest din posisjon der og du vil straks være mere interessant for de store GP2 teamene.
      August 10 at 4:41pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Peter Kubli GP3 fpe sure
      August 10 at 4:58pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Bjørn Winnæss
      No doubt. If you can find a budget for a competitive team i GP2, it`s waste of time (and money) contunuing in GP3. And it MAY be that a GP2-racer suits your driving style/skill better, and therefore will make you more successfull there. Othe…r drivers have been successful taking the shortcut to F1. Another season with bad luck in GP3 may ruin your career. Then it would be better going for two seasons in GP2; if necessary….. But I guess in the end, it all comes down to the budget. Good luck anyway :o ))See More
      August 10 at 5:12pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Jardar Varhaug GP2 Asia 2010/2011 og GP2 Euroseries 2011
      August 10 at 5:24pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Rune Brambo
      Tror det kan være smart å ta et år til i GP3. Du har fått vistd deg fram mye, og forhåpentlig blitt lagt merke til av mange F1 team. Men samtidig har du hatt mye uflaks så du ikke har fått vist hva du virkelig kan. Men de siste løpene kan j…o rette opp mye der. Lykke til på Spa Francorchamps.See More
      August 10 at 7:55pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Erik Pettersen
      Mener det vil være fornuftig å gå for GP2 neste sesong. Start med GP2 Asia og videre i GP2 series i 2011. GP3 serien kjører du og har 4 løp igjen denne sesongen og er historisk etter å ha vunnet første løp. Antagligvis lettere å finne spons…orer til GP2 som er vel etablert i F1 historien. SÅ SPONSORER: Nå er det bare å begynne å by for en god plass på bilen til PÅL VARHAUG. Startskuddet er gått!! See More
      August 10 at 8:40pm · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Antonina Pechkovsky I would like to see you in GP2 next year. But, I really dont kn now what is better for you. Maybe try some championship that give a superlicense. as i see, you can be competitive in GP2, but it is very expensive and much much powerful car than in GP3. I dont think that second year in GP3 will help you a lot. but its my opinion.
      August 10 at 9:36pm · · 2 peopleLoading… ·
    • Pål Varhaug thanks alot for all your answers, and for your information antonina, i got the License grade A when i was 17.. so the lisence would not be the case!:P the biggest problem have to be the money.. i really need some support from sponsors or investors!
      August 10 at 10:19pm · ·
    • Antonina Pechkovsky
      Money is always good and it is never enough… actually I meant the possibility to enter F1 as winner in F2 can, I dont know exactly what its name. But, really, I dont see what another year in GP3 gan give you. Yes you are still young and to… drive in GP3 is much better than not to compete anywhere. But you need a stronger car and as much km in racing as you can. Tha main thing for you for the next year as I see it – not to enter a championship like F2 in this season with Palmer, where other drivers have no chances. And for sponsors you need something that broadcasting on TV, and I am afraid that GP3 is not championship that everyone can see. OK, this year I see it twice on tracks, but even to find and download GP3 races is really difficult. See More
      August 10 at 10:32pm · ·
    • Zoe Kielstock what about world series by renault?
      August 10 at 10:37pm · ·
    • Pål Varhaug yeah, world series would be good to do beside of GP3..
      August 10 at 10:46pm · ·
    • Tom Ferwerda Gp3 I think
      August 11 at 12:28am · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Jardar Varhaug New sponsors! You need new sponsor for your career to F1. It’s easy. A new sposor will forward to F1 and it is the way to go to GP2 Asia to see if you are ready for GP2 Euroseries.
      August 11 at 7:46am · ·
    • Zoe Kielstock
      In my opinion there are 3 main sides for this question: 1. Money – it can open every door for you. And to be honest, close too. 2. Names – yep, I put it on second place, I guess rivals make your own name. You can tell – I’ve beaten Schumacher… (just for example). And hope they forgive me, not the best way to do like Soucek and Mortara – trying to be first of “nobody”. This year GP3 is very best series in this aspect for you, much better than F3ES, F2 and so on. 3. Car – sure, improve your driver’s skills is important too…=)See More
      August 11 at 8:28am · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Kenneth Vik Gulbrandsen Kjør gp3 et år til og få en bra bil og vinn løp, så blir det lettere og få sponsor til gp2 og få en bra bil der ;)
      August 11 at 9:31am · ·
    • Jardar Varhaug The big question is GP3 car. Do you have a car for Spa? Win in Spa, and everyting gets easier
      August 11 at 10:19am · · 1 personLoading… ·
    • Christoffer Schwabe GP3;)
      August 11 at 11:17am · · 1 personJardar Varhaug likes this. ·
    • Jardar Varhaug Dobbel seier på Spa vil hjelpe oss til GP2
      Friday at 8:13am · ·
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