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Good weekend in Oslo

21.03.2010 This weekend Pål Varhaug has been in Oslo for a training camp with the Norwegian Autosport Federation, with a lot of training and speeches about diet and international racing. Around 50 of Norway’s most promising motorsport talents was present, and Fredrik Brenna Lund, who also is Pål’s personal trainer, held the courses Saturday and Friday. Hogne Rørvik, Jenson Buttons old physio, held a speech about diet, and race car driver and motoring journalist Atle Gulbrandsen was telling about different racing cathegories around the world. Here you can see a story about Pål from Norway’s biggest TV-channel, NRK1, who had 525 000 viewers last Wednesday. (The story comes after approx. 32 minutes): http://www1.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/620315
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