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Dramatic race for Pål


Pål Varhaug got carbonfiber in his eye during the first race at Silverstone, and lost many positions.

-A car went off and suddenly I got something in my eye. How it managed to get inside my helmet I don”t know, but the doctors think it was a small piece of online casino carbonfiber. I had trouble seeing and lost many positions.

Pål startet the race in 18th positions and finished 14th because a lot of drivers got problems.

-The car was OK, with some understeering. But I”m optimistic in fron of the race tomorrow, Pål says.

Esteban Guttierez won the race. All the results on www.gp3sereis.com

You can see the race live on Eurosport2 and Viasat Motor at 09.20.

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