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Christmas present from Bell Helmets

25.12.2011 Few days before Christmas I got an exciting package delivered from Belgium. It was a new Bell Helmet HR3 Carbon, with a really good painting job made by Bell Racing Europe and sponsored by hpracing.no. The helmet is made of carbon fiber, and has two spoilers, one in the front and one in the rear. The painting job is magnificent. Probably the nicest painting job I’ve ever had. The helmet is very light, it weights around 1,3kg. And it sits very good and nice on my head. This is a very good helmet, both on quality, and on looks. Bell Racing Europe had made the decision to sponsor me with this awesome, great quality, good looking helmet. Thank you Bell Racing Europe for this. Thank you hpracing.no for sponsoring my painting job. Thank you both for believing in my potential and for this opportunity. This was the perfect gift for Christmas!  
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