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18.05.2012 GP2 teamet RAPAX tilbyr meg sete i Monaco!

Victory in Hungaroring!

11.05.2012 The weekend in Hungaroring has been very exciting. In race 1, on Saturday, I started in P3. After the two first corners I was up on a P2, behind Sirotkin. In the end of the first lap I got in front of Sirotkin and was leading the race. I closed the gap into the last corner, so Sirotkin couldn’t get room to pass. This seemed to be too frustrating for Sirotkin, as he lost his head into the last corner, and went inside on the pit lane entrance and jumped into me and crashed me out of the track. Still I managed to get into the track and finish my race. My car got pretty damaged by this collision. My front wheels was crooked. My steering wheel was turning to the right over the straights, and I had under steering into all right corners, and the car was quite unstable into all left corners. Even though, Sirotkin damaged my car pretty bad, I am pretty happy with the results, as I dropped down to P9, and advanced to P5 in the end of the race with a broken car. A P5 in this high level of racing is very good, so a P5 with a broken car is a result I am pretty happy with.

The Hungarian Ring!

05.05.2012 This weekend it is time for my fourth round in Auto GP World Series. This time the racing will happen on the legendary Hungaroring circuit in Budapest, Hungary. I have raced on Hungaroring many times before. I have won races in Formula Renault here, and the last years I have been racing Formula Master, GP3 and GP2 on this circuit. Hungaroring is a circuit often associated with Monaco, because of its many corners and short straights. It is a very technical circuit, it is an exciting circuit, and it is a circuit where anything can happen in a race. Personally I like this circuit, so I am looking forward to race here.

Varhaug slowed by debris in Marrakech

From autogp.org: Pål Varhaug was among the Auto GP top-runners throughout the whole Marrakech
weekend. Headed for a dominant victory on Saturday, the Norwegian driver of
Virtuosi UK stalled his car after the pit-stop but despite that he clinched a
3rd place finish that keeps his title aims intact. Pål was again very consistent
in the Sunday race keeping the 3rd spot for most of the distance, but after the
halfway mark Ricci and Quaife-Hobbs started closing the gap and eventually got
on his tail, leading to the last chicane fight that ended in a post-race penalty
for Varhaug.

Watch Marrakech race 2 on Eurosport on the web

15.04.2012 Here is a website that shows eurosport on the web:

Podium in Marrakech race 1

14.04.2012 In race 1 in Marrakech, Morocco, I started in P2 on the starting grid. After the lights went off, I got a good start and got in to the lead in the first corner. The first laps I had some problems getting heat into my tires fast enough, so it was tough to keep in front of Campana, but after a few laps, my tyres got enough heat in the tires the situation improved lap after lap. I started building a gap, and managed to keep an easy controlled lead.

Power start in Morocco! P2 on qualifying!

14.04.2012 Round 3 in Auto GP World Series is located in Marocco, on the streets in Marrakech. This is the fourth street circuit I have driven on, where I have driven on the streets of Pau, Monaco and Valencia before. I actually visited Morocco and Marrakech when I was a child, so it is pretty cool to come back here to drive in Marrakech.

Winner of Race 2 and championship leader!

12.03.2012 After a great Race 1 with a 2nd place on Saturday in Race 1, I was really happy for the great start on the season.

The first Round, The first Race, The first Podium!

10.03.2012 Great start on my first race this year! After a problematic start on the weekend here in Monza with different problems on the first two practice rounds on Friday, we managed to fix the problems and set a P4 on the qualifying. On the race today I started on the grid in P4 and advanced quickly to P2, but got passed by Campana shortly after. After me, Campana and Quaife-Hobbs where fighting closely on the top most of the race. I decided to make an earlier pitstop than Campana and Quaife-Hobbs, to try to make a better strategic pitstop choice. But we did a small mistake in the pits that delayed me a couple of seconds. I finished in P3, with Adrian Quaiffe-Hobbs in P1.

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