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Next stop Sonoma

28.08.2012 On September 22nd-23rd the final round in the Auto GP World Series 2012 is held in Sonoma, California, USA.

Podium in Curitiba, Brazil

28.07.2012 Round 6 in the Auto GP World Championship was located in Curitiba in Brazil. After a long flight we arrived in another part of the world. We arrived some days before to get used to the 5 hour time difference, and the different climate. The Curitiba race track and Brazil was a new experience for me. I had tested some on a simulator before we travelled to Brazil, but when we arrived they decided to make a new chicane on the track out of tires. My engineer from when I was driving in GP2- series, Yannick Hubert, joined us for this race, which was nice. We also had some new drivers attending this race. I am especially referring to ex. Formula One driver Antonio Pizzonia, where the other newcomer was Rafael Suzuki, both Brazilian drivers.

P2 and Podium in Race 1 in Portimao, Portugal!

02.06.2012 After a dramatic qualification on Friday, I was ready to gain positions in Race 1 today. The weather was sunny and pretty hot, and most people around me were a bit nervous. We had decided to try an opposite pit stop strategy from what lead us to victory in Budapest a few weeks ago. In Budapest we took a very late pit stop, but this time we concluded that it possibly could be a beneficial move to take a very early pit stop for this particular race. And it was! I started off in P5 on the start grid, and in the first lap in the first corners I got side by side with Guerin, with me on the outside of Guerin. This was a fight for P4, but he had the advantage on the inside. Eventually I dropped to P6 in the first lap, and the top 6 was driving hard and close with Quaife-Hobbs in the lead. I was the first driver to make a pit stop, in lap 4. We made a smooth and effective, fast pit stop. Since I was the only driver to make a pit stop so early in the race, I was driving last and alone for several laps till somebody else took their pit stop. Then driver after driver took their pit stops, and everybody came out behind me, except Sirotkin, which got side by side, and in front of me through the first corner after his pit stop. He had colder tires, so I passed him after a few corners, and got some distance. Quaife-Hobbs had a late pit stop strategy, and got right in front of me, but got some distance. Sirotkin got closer but I controlled a distance where he never got close enough to make a fight. I eventually ended up finishing in P2. A result I am happy with. I was driving clean and fast, we got a good pit stop, and together with my team Virtuosi UK, we made a good race strategy and performed this strategy very well. Very nice job guys! :) Race 1 was a strategic, clean, fast and good race. Tomorrow, on Sunday, I will start on P7. I had a good pace today, and have a good feeling. It will be #Vikinghorns in action.

Ready for round 5 in Portimao, Portugal.

02.06.2012 It is time for racing again, and this time I am racing in Portugal. The fifth round in the Auto GP World Series is located in Portimao, Portugal, on the Algarve coast in Portimao.


18.05.2012 GP2 teamet RAPAX tilbyr meg sete i Monaco!

Victory in Hungaroring!

11.05.2012 The weekend in Hungaroring has been very exciting. In race 1, on Saturday, I started in P3. After the two first corners I was up on a P2, behind Sirotkin. In the end of the first lap I got in front of Sirotkin and was leading the race. I closed the gap into the last corner, so Sirotkin couldn’t get room to pass. This seemed to be too frustrating for Sirotkin, as he lost his head into the last corner, and went inside on the pit lane entrance and jumped into me and crashed me out of the track. Still I managed to get into the track and finish my race. My car got pretty damaged by this collision. My front wheels was crooked. My steering wheel was turning to the right over the straights, and I had under steering into all right corners, and the car was quite unstable into all left corners. Even though, Sirotkin damaged my car pretty bad, I am pretty happy with the results, as I dropped down to P9, and advanced to P5 in the end of the race with a broken car. A P5 in this high level of racing is very good, so a P5 with a broken car is a result I am pretty happy with.

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