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Busy birthday boy

26.01.2010 Pål Varhaug, 19 years old today, has a busy scheldule in front of the GP3 season. -The work I do in the winter time is very important for the season, and I do a lot of physical training these days. In a couple of weeks I’m also going to Switzerland on a traing camp with my team Jenzer Motorsport. There I will work out with the personal trainer Otmar Keller and the professional racing driver Marcel Fässler, Pål Varhaug explains. Pål Varhaug and the team around him are also busy working with sponsors these days. -We know we’re going to drive the GP3 Series, but the better our budget are the better prepared we can be. It’s going to be a lot of good drivers in GP3 so the small details will be important. So we do constantly work with the budget situation, Pål’s managager says. The new GP3 car is now at Jenzer Motorsports headquaters in Switzerland where the team work with the car. Pål will travel down south this week to meet his team, and knows that the guys from Jenzer Motorsport are as eager as him to fight for top positions in the GP3 series this year. Pål has also launched a new website at palvarhaug.com, and there you can find links to follow Pål on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, as well.
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