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An English update

20.01.2010 Here’s an update on what’s going on these days. This coming season I’m going to drive the new GP3 Championship for Jenzer Motorsport. This championship is one of the official Formula 1 support series, and the first race is in Barcelona May 8th. GP3 looks really good. The car is a bit faster than the Formula Master car that I drove last year, because the 2,0 litre engine has a turbo. The car also looks a lot like a F1-car with a big front wing and a smaller rear wing. The chassis come from Dallara and the engine (with 280hp) from Renault. Ten teams will compete in GP3 and they can have three drivers each. It’s just the best teams that are allowed to compete so it will be interesting to see the fight between Jenzer, ART, Manor, Carlin, Hitech etc. The teams have “qualified” to compete in GP3 based on earlier results. A lot of good drivers will also compete in GP3. So far Michael Christensen, Alexander Rossi, Esteban Guttierez and some other good drivers are ready. And my aim is to beat them all! The GP3 cars are not ready for testing yet, but just before Christmas I tested with my old Formula Master car. It’s important to drive during the winter as well, and I had some good test days at Hockenheim, Portimao og Barcelona. And I was the fastest with Formula Master! In Barcelona my personal trainer, Fredrik Brenna Lund, came along and that was a big help. I hope he can attend a lot of my races this summer. When I’m not testing, I’m going to school and I do a lot of training to stay fit. Then it’s sponsor meetings, of course, and we are also working on the web site. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for more news later!
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