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A positive weekend for DAMS!


Different day, different story for DAMS. Friday, Grosjean finished on the podium: Saturday he retired after a collision.

The reversed grid for the second race in Abu Dhabi again caused a few problems, and their main victim was Romain Grosjean. He fluffed his start from row four and lost a place. During the first lap, he was punted off the track by Michael Herck, and his engine stalled putting a premature end to his race.

Pal Varhaug”s car was repaired after his big shunt yesterday and he saw the flag in twenty-first place. Right from the extinction of the lights he was on the pace, and online casino money remained glued to the gearbox of the car in front of him without being able to find an opening.

Loïc David, General Manager: “Beyond the frustrating result of the second race, the overall conclusions to be drawn from the weekend are very positive for the team. I”d like to congratulate all the guys for the huge amount of work they”ve done during the week, especially for the fact that they managed to rebuild two badly-damaged cars in a record space of time. We”ve got the speed, that”s certain, so we”re feeling optimistic for the next races in Bahrain.”

Romain Grosjean: Rtd
“It”s a real pity about that race incident. Herck hit me and the engine stalled. But the main thing is that we know we have a car that”s capable of winning, and that”s what I hope to do next weekend.”

Pal Varhaug: p21
“Overtaking is just not possible here. But I”m pleased to have finished the race, and I”d like to thank my mechanics for having done such a good job repaired my car so quickly. I”ve learned a lot this weekend and I hope to make good use of it in Bahrain.”

Next round: Bahrain 17th-19th February 2011

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