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330km/h in Monza

25.09.2011   Monza Grand Prix – The best of the year for Pål Varhaug. The 20 year old, from Ålgård in Norway drove into P10 and P11, and sat the fastest top speed of all on the last race in Monza, Italy. He had the highest top speed along with Filippi, the race winner, 330km/h. In many ways this became the answer and summary of the 2011 season. We had an P6 in Imola, in the GP2  Asia Series, and a P8 in Spain GP in Barcelona in the GP2 series. Now we finished at Monza in Italy with two good results on one race-weekend, not just one. - This has been a physical and mentally challenging season to drive in such a professional team with the great championship winner as a teammate, who is now going directly into Formula One. Maybe too challenging, but we can’t afford to choose a less challenging road in this sport. Now finally is the plan for me that I have at least two seasons in GP2, and take the time I need to succed. (Pål Varhaug) - Everything is in place for me to reach my goals. Everything is there, and I am exactly where I shall be after this first season in GP2. (Pål Varhaug)   It is no easy task to continue in the GP2 championship. More people need to see my potential and be willing to support me on my future in this sport, and have the same belief I have on winning. The difference on my budget and Petter Nortug on skies, is that I drive in the summer and have to find all my financial support by myself. (Pål Varhaug)   My goal is to drive The GP2 Final in Abu Dhabi in November as a pre-start on the next season in 2012. But we don’t have our budget and financial partner ready for this yet. All contracts are ready to be signed if I find a financial partner. My hope is that somebody who is interested call me for a deal soon. (Pål Varhaug)  
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